Tiny alleys define Hanoi's Old Quarter

Tiny lanes are a common feature of Hanoi's Old Quarter.

Many are just 70 cm wide and there are more than 10 such lanes on 300 metres long Hang Buom Street. They are so small so sometimes passers-by do not even notice them. 

A tiny lane on Hang Bac Street

However, inside these little lanes are households who have been living there for decades.

Whether day or night, the lanes are usually dark.

The families have to share common space in the alleys for cooking or washing.

“It's inconvenient and narrow, but we have been living like this for years and are used to it,” said a person who lived on Hang Trong Street. 

On Hang Be Street

These small lanes are also home to various businesses, ranging from food to clothes, offering quite good incomes.    

On Ma May Street   

Bulbs used to brighten the alley 

The little lane used to sell bags 

A water stall 


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